Laura Snyder's new book, "Democratizing Legal Services: Obstacles and Opportunities," provides a comprehensive analysis of international trends and developments in the regulation of legal service providers.

Aided by dozens of detailed interviews with both traditional and nontraditional providers of legal and quasi-legal services, Snyder explores a developing market through lenses that are both specific enough to create a multi-dimensional story and broad enough to give readers a sense of the issue's global scope.

Her refreshingly frank and pragmatic tone leaves one laughing aloud at the absurdity of some obsolete regulatory schemes while simultaneously cringing at the same. Similarly, her inclusion of personal stories and the experiences of individuals—both consumers and providers of legal services—presents the implications of the changing market in an accessible manner that never loses sight of the immediate and essential impact that legal regulatory regimes have on human lives.

In an era when innovation and technology allow a constantly shifting legal environment, Snyder examines the arguments both against and in favor of the growing trend toward relaxed regulation of legal service providers. Organized primarily as a collation of the experiences and impressions of providers and consumers in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, Democratizing Legal Services artfully treads the thin line between presenting a collection of interviews and offering a fact-based analysis of various regulatory regimes.

Source 2-8-2017